How to Not Seem like a Jerk in Front of Your Friends

We all have something we enjoy to do. If there is a new something on Netflix, you want all of your friends to watch it so you can enjoy the entertainment together. If you fall in love with something, you want everyone to know about it so that you can enjoy that thing together. Of course, we all know that one person who just goes a little too far…

You know the ones…

Oh my gosh, singing is my passion

Have I told you about my many achievements?

You should gaze upon my photography portfolio. It is the best thing you’ll ever see.

Those people, giving credit where credit is due, have found their passion. But do they have to be so annoying about it?

I have three things that will help you achieve an attainable amount of pride for your interest without going overboard.

Number One: Love what you do, but always think about others

People who love you will only care to an extent before they shut down. If you find yourself going on and on about all of your followers on Pinterest, stop.

It is human nature to think “what’s in it for me.” Even if someone loves you, if you only talk about you, they will start to love you less. As Brian Regan once said, “Beware the Me Monster”

Instead of talking about your hobbies, direct it back to your friend or family member. Ask them about their hobbies and what they’re passionate about. This way, they will feel validated and will care a little more when you mention the things you love.

Number Two:  Love what you do, but don’t gloat

Gloating, bragging, boasting (I’m literally just reading the synonyms to brag off Google), these are some of my least favorite things.

Yeah, I lift. I weigh 360 pounds all  in muscle. How much do you weigh? I could lift you.

The signature move of a douchebag.

If you have fun doing what you do, that’s awesome and I’m so happy for you. That being said, for the love of everything good and holy, don’t be the idiot who thinks they are better than everyone else just because of a skill or talent.

Recognize that you might be good at something and then leave it alone. No one likes people who think they are the center of the universe.

Number Three: Love what you do, but be humble about it

To go along with the above point, being humble is essential to having an awesome skill and people still liking you.

In my experience, some of my least favorite people are the ones that show off their skills for a cheap compliment. This is pride and it will be the death of every relationship you have.

Now, being humble doesn’t mean that you degrade yourself, it means that you’re modest. You love what you do simply because you love to do it; not because you get showered with compliments.

Do what you can to love what you do while still making people your business. If people don’t like you, you’ll be out of business.

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