A Game of Chess – Boxing is More than You Think

With a world so full of hate, the last thing we need is to be full of hate ourselves. Well, our first guest had the hardest time with anger before picking up boxing.

Tyler is a 25 year old certified boxing coach, and he teaches up at my school. His story will change your perspective on boxing.

Tyler’s Story

In December of 2015, Tyler’s life grew rather frustrating. It seemed like the universe was out to get him. As time went on, he began acquiring a bit of an anger management issue. He would scowl at people when walking outside, he would grow angry towards his friends and family at the drop of a hat, and he had no way of dealing with it.

Tyler said, “I was pissed at the world and I needed a place to put all that anger.”

Searching through Craigslist one night, he found something very interesting. A very beaten up, ducttaped punching bag was listed at a reasonable price. As soon as possible, Tyler bought the bag and put it to work.

“I got it, hung it up and- no wraps, no skill, no nothin’- just started punching it,” he said with a grin on his face, “And holy crap, did it feel good!”

After some time bringing the bag to his local gym, Tyler began acquiring some on lookers. Most of these onlookers were professional fighters and boxing coaches who all wanted a turn on Tyler’s punching bag. He agreed to let them use it under the condition that they teach him all that they knew.

From there, Tyler started a boxing club with those same fighters, began sparing each other and quickly teaching one another the proper stances and techniques. After a while, Tyler knew he was good at boxing and wanted to teach others, which led him to becoming certified boxing coach.

And this is all in the space of a year!

Although boxing started out as a way to release anger, it’s ending up being something very different. As Tyler got better at the sport, he began predicting his competitors moves. “It’s like a game of chess,” he said. “You’re trying to get your opponent to move the way you want while trying not to get the snot beaten out of you.”

Predicting movements is a huge part of boxing. Without this skill, you’ll get knocked to the ground pretty fast. Now it will definitely take time and practice, but this is the sort of thing passionate people live for!

For Beginner Boxers

When asked if he had any advice for beginners (like me), Tyler said to find the people who know what they’re doing. If your form or technique isn’t right, you could get really hurt, which he found out the hard way.

Since most people don’t really have boxing gyms in their area, I asked if Youtubing how to box would be a reliable way to learn. Tyler immediately replied, “no.”

He continued by saying that you could Youtube how to box, but to really learn you have to experience it. You have to spar and train with people who also know what they’re doing.

The best way to start boxing is to find a gym where they can train you properly.

Tyler could see himself gaining more formal training in the future. He would also be open to coaching a future boxer, but it isn’t his career of choice. Apparently, there isn’t much money in boxing unless you’re a professional. I include this part because it might be something to consider when picking a passion. Unless you don’t care about money and you just want to find a hobby, then maybe this is for you.

Not to worry, though. Tyler plans on boxing in his free time and hopes to continue teaching on our school’s campus as long as he’s attending.

This Saturday, I will be attending his boxing class and gaining hands on experience (literally). Wish me luck!


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