Finding Your Passion Within… Literally

Did you know boxing is hereditary? Honestly, I didn’t even know skills could be passed down through genetics. Here’s a short post that describes how creativity is hereditary.

I believe everyone has a burning desire to know who we are and where we came from. If I could understand even a part of my past family, then maybe I could learn more about myself in the process.

I already know I’m German, Scottish and English – I usually just describe my heritage as a bunch of white countries – but I don’t know much about the people behind that heritage. It took hundreds of years and hundreds of lives for me to get to this very point. I had people crossing oceans just so I could someday sit in front of a computer screen and write this message. Okay, maybe they didn’t know I’d be doing this exactly…

Family history is this week’s topic because I need to know who I am. There could very well be someone from my past that gave me a new passion. My blood could very well lead me to the answers I’m looking for.

I’ll be interviewing my grandma for family history advice. (By interviewing a family member, I might be breaching journalistic protocol, but whatever! This is the internet! :D) This wonderful lady is a family history expert. If there was anyone more passionate about family history, I would be shocked! She has dedicated years to digging up our heritage. I’m honestly so proud of her and the work she has accomplished.

Tune in Friday to hear of how she originally got started and where you can start yourself.

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