Right Under My Nose

I’m so dumb.

Here I am trying to pinpoint my passions, trying out new and exciting activities each week, and ultimately not doing much about it. This week was supposed to be yoga, but every time I opened up a new post, I just couldn’t make myself write anything. Then, it hit me! I haven’t tried to write about the thing I already love to do.

Don’t get me wrong. The things we’ve talked about are things I’m interested in, however, they definitely aren’t things I’m passionate about at this point. And, to be fair, I’m probably not going to become passionate about those things unless I drop out of school and devote 100% of my time to them… and that’s just not going to happen.

What Do I Already Love?

Growing up, I have always been drawn to this one specific skill. It isn’t very business related. I doubt it could get me a job. In the grand scheme of things, I don’t know how this skill could get me anywhere really. But, here we go…

I love to sing.

It’s almost embarrassing to say because I have an incredible fear of singing in front of people. Honestly, if you were to ask me “Oh, you’re good at singing? Prove it.” I would freeze up and stutter incessantly.

That being said, I sing literally all the time. You know those annoying people who sing show tunes while taking a shower?

*whispers* I’m one of those people.

I feel so embarrassed to be confessing this to complete strangers on the internet (and my mom). I also feel like, even for the internet, my singing would be kind of boring. Usually the more interesting amature musicians on the internet play some sort of instrument or mesh two songs together… or both! I can’t do those things.

I’ve been singing all my life, I’m pretty good at that, I can sorta play piano, so maybe it’s time to take this lovely hobby of mine and become better at it. Even though I am afraid of singing to an audience, I did say finding your passion is about going outside of your comfort zone. Darn me.

New Plan

Going forward, I would like to focus on practicing piano and honing my singing. Each week, I will use this blog to document my progress.

Maybe I can salvage this and turn it into a passion yet… we’ll see.

I’ll also be posting on my Instagram. If you’d like to follow it, I’ll put a link here!

Love y’all!

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