Writing – Falling in Love

Take a deep breath and leap

1.. 2… 3…

You hear those romantic stories of love and bravery, and you realized that you’ve never actually experienced those stories first hand.

You meet someone who checks all of the boxes. You wonder if that person likes you. Sideways glances and half smiles aren’t enough. There has to be something more.

4… 5… 6…

When it first happens, it seems so surreal. Air blows past as your body free falls for what seems like forever. It is so effortless and exhilarating. Your heart beat pounds in your chest and your fingers tingle at the sight them.

Together, you take on the world. This is your universe and everyone else is just living in it. The sun shines brighter, the air smells better, and your world becomes a little bigger. It’s funny to you how all of those stories were true. They were just stories before and now they’re your reality.

7… 8… 9…

As time goes on, you get into a routine. It’s the little things that get your heart racing now. How they hold your hand, how they smile and laugh, how they treat others… it’s all so perfect. Still, you’re falling and something in the back of your mind worries you.

You see the ground coming up fast. This is the moment that you begin to second guess everything. Are you going to continue to fall or will you sprout wings and fly?


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